Why Choose Us

The strong choice... Forte Studios is designed to serve its community & clients.  We aim to continuously improve the creative arts culture & people's quality of life by providing professional audio services.  This will be accomplished through the use of best practices, innovation and new technologies.  

MISSION:  Provide the highest quality services through an efficient approach, while maintaining transparency and integrity throughout the delivery process.

Carefully engineered and crafted to ensure the highest fidelity & clarity in audio recording. We work hard to ensure the musician and client can express him/herself without the worry of how the room acoustics will affect the overall recording.  To this end, we offer 6 rooms that can be customized for each project to meet the spatial & acoustical sound the musician desires.

Forte Studios exemplifies the art and science of audio recording.  Technology has continued to evolve each day and there are amazing computer plugins, effects and audio programs/applications on the market that allow people to record at home or start a hobby studio with ease.  Unfortunately, the use of these technologies have allowed for more errors and frustrations in studios & homes across the nation.  The idea that poor performances and recording mistakes can be fixed through the use of new technologies has disappointed many musicians, audiophiles and listeners.

Our philosophy is different, we work hard to apply a scientific method and approach, because we want to make sure the audio traveling into the mic, cable, preamp, converter & computer is perfect.  In this regard, we aren't trying to fix mistakes, rather enhance the audio through the use of amazing plugins & effects.  This is the true advantage of recording in our studio, which is designed for audio recording as opposed to someone's hobby studio, house, or basement project.

Recording, editing audio and writing music is an art form.  It expresses emotion and influences action in people.  Research states, our own perspectives and backgrounds shape our likes and dislikes.  This is why it is important to have an audio team that the client can communicate with.  Our employees have backgrounds in audio engineering and are performing & recording musicians.  -We understand the details and dynamics it takes to create high quality music.

Forte Studios will be your preferred choice, try us.  Give us a call to discuss your project & together we will accomplish your goal.

What We Do


Providing recording and production space to bands, musicians and ensembles throughout Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri; Nebraska, Illinois, and central North America. We can help with any of your recording needs. Here artists work with our experienced audio engineer and proprietary one-of-a-kind acoustic spaces to create a radio worthy and high-definition album or single.


We want to stay always in touch with you and provide the 24/7 support for our customers. It doesn't matter your home or business location. The support team is waiting to learn about your project and help you succeed 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.


Regardless of the kind of your activity, whether you are a professional musician or businessman, you can be assured of quality performed by our engineer and staff.

Focused on Originality & Production that makes each Project Special!

Meet Our Team

Brett Bojack

Audio Engineer

Joshua Jacobsen

Studio Manager

Holly Jacobsen

Business Partner

Careers & Internships

We hire the best talent and provide the resources to help our talent grow with the industry & develop life long professional, business and personal skills.  If you are looking for the ability to control your own destiny and own you career in a team focused setting, then this is the working envirnoment for you!  We are looking for entrepenuarial driven, responsibile, and a belief in servicing others to achieve success to join us as an a seasonal intern or career partner.  Contact Josh today for more information or to apply  (please forward resume and short-term and long-term goals):  jjacobsen@fortestudios.us