Through the Darkness - Wonderwall Video Release

When Iowa based metal band Through the Darkness started on their new album, they had some awesome ideas to launch it!  This video is the first of their upcoming album to give you a taste of what they are up to.  Audio was recorded, mixed, edited, produced and mastered by Brett at Forte Studios.  The video was put together by Tyler Gathercole of TTD and features the studio recording environment... how cool is that!  Here you can get a glimpse of their recording of this song in the environment it was created.  We love helping our customers succeed and providing the facility to keep costs down and create a killer video is just one way of adding more value to the experience.

In its first week of release on facebook they had over 40,000 views and an army of positive comments.  Expect more professional work and bigger progression with this group as we move forward together.  

Cheers to TTD, their fans and everyone that has helped support the band and the studio to make these visions a reality!!