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Providing recording and production space to musicians throughout the midwest. We can help with any of your recording needs. Here artists can easily record their music and songs to share them with people. Recording studio works in various styles.


This is the process of creating dynamics and life to individual tracks, in which attention is given to such aspects as the balance volume, panning, sound density and placement of effects and еqualization and compression.


Adding the polished and radio-level High Definition sound.  This is the process of equalizing, compressing, limiting; phasing, and using various techniques to master the project to meet industry standard sound quality.


Audio can be used in criminal, civil and divorce suits.  We support clients in extracting audio from devices, transferring them to a format that can be played back  and mastering the track for presentation as evidence to the court.   

Audio Solutions!

Additional Services



Recording a project at home...  We can help produce the final mix and make sure it is not only radio worthy, but a sound that is uniquely yours and demonstrates your commitment to succeding!  Contact us today to find out how we can help polish and make your audio shine and sound just like the "big label" records.



Converting is used to enable sound for play back on different mediums.  For example, an old record can be converted to a compact disc (CD) or made into a phone ringtone.

We can convert audio from analog sources for digital playback.  We can also convert Digital sounds for analog devices for playback and editing.​​​​​​​

Have an old vinyl record that you want preserved and restored?  We do that too & utilize top-notch equipment to transfer the audio from vinyl or cassette.  We can then digtially remaster the audio to current standards exposing audio information that may have likely been unfeatured in its original and limited form.  We have had successful experience in converting heat damaged and scratched vinyl from the early 1900's



Looking for a recording of a corporate event or live concert.  We offer a state-of-the-art 32 channel mobile recording console to record groups as large as Orchestras!  In addition, we are your single Audio source and event source.  Providing a complete JBL speaker PA system with full range and subwoofers and an awesome LED light show and truss system.  Best of all and unlike any other Live sound provider... it all integrates into our live recording system and we can mix and master with a TRUE professional recording engineer right here at our Iowa acclaimed recording facility.  



We believe in the future of our music industry talent and provide internships to passionate and dedicated candidates.  Contact us today!  As a partner mentor studio, we work with college students in obtaining their degree thru an online and in the studio hands-on approach with the Recording, Radio & Film Connection based out of Los Angeles, California.



Business and organizations use our world class post-production mixing facility to post-edit commercials, television shows, music videos and business marketing videos.  We can integreate voice-over audio on video and produce background samples or music to make the final product stand out from the competition.  In addition we can network with post-production teams and studios all over the world world thru Source Connect software!



We provide unsurpassed voice talent assistance and recording for various types of projects.  Such projects can include but are not limited to audio books, orientations, instructional videos, orientation videos, marketing videos, radio jingles and commercials.

We have had the pleaasure to work with large clients in the area such as Disney, Mediacom and HyVee Construction just to name a few.

Our Proposals


Music fully produced with us comes with an industry defining and differentiating guaranteed satisfaction!  We believe on building great relationships and your satisfaction and continued patronage is our mission.


We guarantee our mixing and mastering quoted rates so there aren't any surprises.   Financing may be available.  Please ask us how.


We assist in the promotion of each album or single produced with us.  We believe if  YOU the client succeeds ~ We succeed.  Look for our sharing on facebook!


We can help with any of your recording needs. Here artists can easily record their music to share them with their fans, business partners and create timeless memories.  We assist our clients in forming their business and ensuring their copyright and royalties and protected as a value added benefit when working with us.