Audio can be used in criminal, civil and divorce suits.  Forte Studios supports attorneys and their clients in extracting audio from devices, converting them to a format that can be played back; documenting the content  and mastering the track for presentation as evidence to the court. 

​​​​​​​In addition we provide text message extraction services from smart phones, which include deleted text messages.

Typical evidence and forensics sessions:
- Voice message backup and converting
- Deleted text message extraction and printing
- Audio enhancements
- Voice Identification
- Noise Removal
- Track Splitting

- Smart phone recording extraction

- Broken smart phone text and audio extraction

- Expert Witness

- Audio forensic consultation



Offering over 700 digital plugins and 20,000 virtual instruments.  A sample is listed below:
- Waves Mercury Bundle​​​​​​​
- Waves Studio Classics Bundle​​​​​​​
- Waves Abbey Road Collection​​​​​​​
- Steven Slate Bus Compression​​​​​​​
- Steven Slate Virtual Console Collection​​​​​​​
- Steven Slate Drums

​​​​​​​- Steven Slate Virtual Tape Machine​​​​​​​
- Sound Toys Native Bundle​​​​​​​
- Antares Auto Tune 8​​​​​​​
- Antares Avox 4 Bundle​​​​​​​
- Celemony Melodyne
- Izotope Nectar Production Suite​​​​​​​
- Izotope Ozone​​​​​​​
- Izotope Alloy​​​​​​​
- Izotope RX4 Advance​​​​​​​
- Guitar Tool Rack​​​​​​​
- Guitar Rig​​​​​​​
- Vocalign Pro 4​​​​​​​
- Izotope RX3 Advanced
- Dimension Pro Effects (orchestra, strings, guitar)
- Native Instruments Ultimate Complete 10

- Pro Tools 10, 11 and 12 plugins​​​​​​​
- Sonar Cakewalk Producer plugins



  1. Can I record audio without the other parties' knowledge?
    In the state of Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, & Missouri the law indicates you may record audio with the consent of "one party".  You can give yourself consent and are not required to give notification to the other party.  Consult with an attorney for complete clarification in your state.
  2. What if  wind and/or background noise is too loud & I can't hear the voice or sound that I need?
    Not a problem.  We specialize in using today's latest techniques and technology to extract the frequencies and sounds you need, while reducing the sounds you don't need.  We will reduce background noise and allow the intended voice or sound to be heard.  Our equipment is Class A equipment; in many scenarios we will hear sounds and noises you can't hear on phones or consumer audio systems.
  3. I have a 30 minute recording, but only need a few sections and/or conversations in the track.  Can you extract just those sections?
    ​​​​​​​Yes.  You tell us how long and where in the audio track you need a recording.  We will break each one of those instances into seperate tracks for the CD.  This will allow your attorney and yourself to play the selected track when needed, during the trial or hearing.  No longer do you need to fast forward or rewind, to find the audio you need during an argument or presentation.  This will save you significant time, which saves money & ensures an efficient presentation.
  4. I used my smartphone to record audio.  There is no way for me to get it off the phone digitally.  Can Forte Studios extract it?
    Yes.  If it will play audio through a headphone or speaker we can convert it from analog to digital.  Furthermore, broken devices may still be extracted.  Contact us, so we can offer free consultation to determine the possibiltiy of obtaining audio from broken and or damaged devices.
  5. I am worried that my voice message may become deleted.  I have a voice message on my home recorder or cell phone.  Can Forte Studios extract it and put it on CD or USB flash stick?
    Yes.  This will fall under out converting services.  We can conduct an analog to digital audio copy using our state of the art pre-amplifiers and AD/DA Converters.  You will need to physically bring the device to our studio for extraction.  Not only will you get a CD with a copy of the audio, the audio file will also be backed up on our server for a period of one year.  That is piece of mind that is invaluable when evidence could change the outcome of a hearing or trial.  Typically, this costs less than $25 per message.
  6. How does Forte Studios preserve credibility?
    We understand the importance of maintaining credibility of the work product.  Therefore, Forte Studios documents each procedure and enhancement completed & preserves full length original tracks.  Our documentation outlines the process, procedure and reason for the edit to the track.  This documentation is supplied to our client for evidence inclusion.  This is our way of managing our client and Forte Studios' risk, by reducing the likelihood of needing an expert witness testimony.
  7. Is confidentiallity maintained?
    We have a company policy to ensure confidentiallity of our client and the work product, is strictly maintained.  We will not use your audio for marketing purposes.
  8. Can you extract audio from video or enforcement or peace officer scorpion video?
    Yes,  we can convert police enforcement or officer scorpion videos to a standard audio format that can be enhanced and the sound wave signal visually and audibly viewed.  In addition, video cameras or security videos that have audio can also be extracted and analyzed.