Our all-inclusive mixing and editing boutique suite of service provides the complete package to make a "bigger than life" sound that is uniquely yours!

We designed our mixing room for efficiency to save our client time and money.  Have a sound that you want duplicated? No problem!  Looking for a creative sound with that special touch of creative harmonies, sound effects or sculpted sounds... we love this work and will use our expertise and knowledge to create your vision.   


Typical mixing sessions include:
- Bands

- Hip Hop

- Rap

- Electronic

- Video

- Commercials

- Radio Ads
- Instrumentalists
- Voice-Overs
- Karaoke
- Solo Vocalist
- Audio books & Instruction
- Compilation Music Projects

​​​​​​​- Mixing Online


Submit you home recording or professionally recording project file here!  We will review the project and provide a accurate and detailed quote to mix the project.  Follow the two steps below:



  1.  I have a producer and professional rmixing engineer, can I use them at your studio? I have a producer and professional mixing engineer, can I use them at your studio?
    Yes, we will provide a negotiated quote for the rent of the entire studio, equipment and assistant engineer.  You can self-produce or record your project using our facilities.
  2. Is it okay to bring tracks from a different studio?
    Yes, we will provide a detailed quote on the mixing costs and requirements before the project starts.  Many bands and musicians find it is cheaper to record in an acoustically designed and engineered studio, buecause mixing and editing time is reduced significantly saving more money in the long run.  There are very few recording studios in the midwest that possess this unique ability.  We highly encourage bands and musicians to stop by for a free tour to learn what to look for in any reputable studio that will deliver quality and meet your expectations.
  3. Can you add over-dubs,  an orchestra and sound effects?
    ​​​​​​​Absolutely, we have MIDI abilities and carry a large selection of Roland's, Native Instruments & Waves virtual instruments.  In fact, we are using Sonar X2 Producer and the Waves Mercury bundle with the studio classics pack.