Creating a professional environment dosen't happen over night.  As a matter of fact, in our case it had taken almost three years of careful engineering, testing, construction and over a half a million dollar investment to create Forte Studios as you see it today!

It is our attention to every detail and patience in "doing it right the first time" that differentiates Forte studios from any studio you may find.

If you are recording a band, our noise resistant isolation room design allows you to save significant money, while still utilizing a multi-track approach.  Contact us and Tour the Studio to discover the best value for your time and money when recording and mixing.



  • 3 sound resistant isolation rooms.  Designed using L.W. Sepmeyer & W.W. Louden's prefered dimension ratios.

  • 2 live recording rooms

  • 1 lounge and kitchen room
  • 1 control and mixing room featuring Mogami Gold cable, De-coupling & green glue wall acoustic construction.

  • Adjustbable acoustic room treaments:  Includes: 2d QRD diffusers, 1d QRD Diffusers, Scattering, Absorption, Bass traps & Reflection.


  • 20,064 pounds of 5/8 drywall (app. 10 tons).
  • 120 gallons of acoustic noise-proofing glue.
  • 72 cartridges fo acousitic sealant.
  • 3 tons of granite.
  • 2 tons of marble.
  • 4,536 pounds of engineered cement board.
  • 430 sqft of stranded hardwood bamboo.
  • 420 sqft of carbonized hardwood bamboo.
  • 2,120 linear feet of Mogami reference cable.
  • 24/20 amp electrical panel circuits.
  • On site transformer & ground loop elimination.


12/16/2011 - Exterior Complete.

1/09/2012 - Control Room & Isolation Room Framing Uploaded.

3/04/2012 - Electrical circuits routed/fixture ready & wall insulation.

5/08/2012 - Sound isolating interior drywall system installation.

10/07/2012 - Room Details, Painting, Door Installation Uploaded.

1/2/2012 - Flooring, Ceiling Acoustic & Visual Treatments.

2/7/2013 - Kitchen & Bathroom Complete.

3/29/2013 - Isolation Rooms Complete. Trim & Acoustical Sealants Complete.  Acoustical Glass Installed.

4/12/2013 - Entrance Vestibul Complete.

8/1/2013 - All electronic equipment, cables, mics & software purchased and commissioned.  Finishing acoustic treatments... The end of construction is near!